The A List Customer Rewards

Earn points. Save $10 
Spend $250 over any period of time and save $10 off your next purchase. Save your points to earn up to $30 off a future purchase. Get 1 point for every $.10 you spend at an Affordable Uniforms retail Store. Special promotions just for A List customers
A List customers will get special savings in-store with their A List card. Sometimes that means a special in-store price or a special coupon sent just to A List customers in their email.

Once a month e-mails
We won't send you multiple emails a week or even a month. Seriously. We send our A List customers an email just once a month. We'll let you know what's new in our store and what's on sale for that time. Want to stay connected more. Find your favorite store on Facebook.

We'll save your shopping history
Do you have a hard time keeping track of your receipts. Sign up for the A List and you wont have to worry about saving your receipts. We save your transactions under your name so that making an exchange or return is hassle free for you. All you have to do is give your name at checkout well save it. 

The A List Card


A List card must be present to earn and redeem points. If card is lost A List points may be transferred to a new A List card at the Affordable Uniforms retail store where card was activated and A List card ID number is saved. Shopping history is saved locally at each location and can not be transferred between locations. To check your rewards points balance you may call any Affordable Uniforms retail locations. Affordable Uniforms A List is not honored on-line or at On-Site Sales.   Sign up for the A List at any Affordable Uniforms retail store. Find the closest store here